INTRODUCTIONS F I N I S H E S 3D LAMINATES : Aliso & Oceano Benches, GoTo Top, PopCart Top MA3 Natural Maple LC3 Light Cherry LW3 Light Walnut 520787 521441 508829


CF3 Carbon Fiber Aluminum Metallic Graphite Metallic White Wood 508792 508684 509024 509996 Fiberglass Avonite SAMPLES: WWW.OMNOVA.COM LAMINATES : Arrow Bench & Table Surfaces with Hardwood Edges Fabric Color Cork & Natural Cork Finishes


® Panel Finishes T E X T U R E S & F I N I S H E S C A R D MA Natural Maple 7909-60 Fusion Maple SAMPLES: WWW.WILSONART.COM LAMINATES : ReForm Receptacles Neutral 8826-58 LC Light Cherry LW Light Walnut 7919-38 Amber Cherry 7937-38 River Cherry Earthen 8828-58 SAMPLES: WWW.FORMICA.COM Graphite 8829-58 PPP COLORS : HangOver Table & Polygon Stool GW3 Graphite Walnut Renolit Lausanne E 46620 GW Graphite Walnut 7949-38 Asian Night COMPACT HPL : GoTo Top White 459-58 SAMPLES: WWW.FORMICA.COM MA Maple Black 909-58 WOOD FINISHES : Cardiff & Mesa Benches LW Light Walnut SAMPLES: SAMPLES@PETERPEPPER.COM


INTRODUCTIONS F I N I S H E S B.83©4 Bright White Graphite Aluminum Metallic Taupe Metallic T: 800 496 0204 T: 310 639 0390 F: 310 639 6013 E: info@peterpepper.com W: peterpepper.com Lemongrass Pacific Blue Burnt Orange Poppy www.peterpepper.com

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